CNS Focused Investments is all about apartments. We identify value-added properties, buy them, renovate them and manage them for a great resident experience at an attractive investor return.

Our focus on “workforce” markets sets us apart. We operate in 35 core markets in Southern California—all within a 60-mile radius of Long Beach. Here, employment-dense locations and unrivaled transportation links combine to create high-demand apartment locations for renters and compelling returns for investors.

We’re growing our portfolio through acquisition. If you’re selling a class “B” or “C” apartment property of 50-250 units in our target markets, we’d like to talk to you. We know how to close deals: Our due diligence is fast, our offers are clean, and our financing is solid.

We’re co-investing with our partners. Our principals have owned and operated apartments in these markets for a combined 50+ years. Together, we’ve successfully brokered and purchased more than $4 billion for public and private investors. Importantly, we’re putting our own money to work, co-investing with high-net worth individuals and institutional clients.

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